The Westbank
Seventh-day Adventist Church

We hope this site will encourage you to a closer walk with God. 
We have provided links throughout this site to develop your faith relationship.

The Westbank Seventh-day Adventist Church family is an active part of the West Kelowna community. 
We look forward to you visiting our site often and invite you to worship with us each Saturday.

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Father's Day Eve Movie Night


No registration needed... 
Bring your camping chair, warm clothing for the evening
make sure you don't forget your dad!!!

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2016 VBS
August 15 - 19

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You can't miss this year... 

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My God loves without restraint...

Many have tried to determine what constitutes the essential human endeavor. For some it is to be known and for others it is to be loved. For many it is to make a lasting mark on the world so that the impact of one's life continues to have significance...

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My Life is a gift to be valued...

When the Creator breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of Earth's first parents the act of giving human life was the culmination of a larger scope of work.

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My World is a place where people find hope...

The ultimate demonstration of love is to serve. Setting aside our own agendas, in service we live out our commitment to the well being of others, often to our own discomfort.

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Church Potluck - Sep 10, Sat